For those on the West coast seeking knowledge to dig into, unfortunately most of the following locations are found in California. However, that doesn’t stop you from doing some research of your own to find museums, parks, and other learning opportunities in your area.

First up on this West coast adventure is the aircraft carrier turned museum. Located in San Diego, the USS Midway museum is a retired aircraft carrier that has been repurposed into a museum. The ship doubles as a museum and an exhibit, the ship alone provides a flood of knowledge, but when taking a closer look reveals 10 acres worth of exhibits and displays. The USS Midway museum has more than 30 restored aircraft of which you can climb into the cockpits of. The museum also provided tours that shows what the day to day life of a sailor was like.

You’ve just finished exploring the USS Midway and still hunger for more, well you are in luck, there is even more to experience with the Battleship IOWA museum. The museum, located in Los Angeles, is very similar to the USS Midway as they are both Ships turned into museums. However, unlike the USS Midway museum, the Battleship IOWA is the exhibit. One could spend days aboard the ship and still have not learned everything about it. The basic tour allows you to view the highlights of the ship while retelling stories from its enlisted days during WWII.

If you worry about sea sickness or if big ships just don’t interest you, there are plenty of opportunities on solid ground as well. Los Angeles contains multiple different museums covering different subjects. For instance, the National History Museum of Los Angeles County. The museum features exhibit’s relating to natural history and the history of the Los Angeles region. The museum also features multiple exhibits that rotate out as for different times of the year. If you would rather turn your attention to the cosmos, the Griffith Observatory is just outside of the city. While it is an observatory, it offers more than just star gazing. The observatory has a planetarium and several exhibits relating to space and the cosmos.

Link to the USS Midway Museum website

Link to the Battleship IOWA museum website