What is Global Learn Day?

To put it simply, Global Learn Day (GLD) is a celebration of mankind’s learning. For 24 hours, GLD brings participants together to celebrate our ability to manage our environment and improve our condition. Our goal is to help this event grow until it is embraced by every organization. Every individual, family, community, and group on Earth can be rightly proud of the unlimited potential that is our ability to learn. Our desire is to embrace and foster the development of all things that are good.

GLD allows us to come together and as “One planet, One people” to help all achieve their full potential. We do it one individual at a time, one place, one effort through impromptu and organized learning activities. We all benefit as mankind comes together and celebrates our achievements in learning and calls attention to good learning, wherever it is found. Through the celebration of GLD, we hope to bring the planet and its’ people together and to inspire them to work together to maximize our learning and by so doing improve the human condition.

Everyone who is interested in improving the human condition through learning and an increase in knowledge and ability should participate in Global Learn Day and share it with those around them. Some ideas for celebrations in your community include:

  • Hosting a “Global” Learn Day in your classroom by recreating educational styles around the world.
  • Bringing in a local Amateur Radio Operator to help a school talk to people around the world.
  • Having an assembly during which students learn about great global educators around the world.
  • Participating in Global Learn Day by being a presenter.
  • Participating in Global Learn Day by liking our Facebook page!

However you want to participate – make sure that you Join the Voyage!