Education is an Investment

An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends. – Benjamin Franklin

We have built bridges and worked towards the concept and our firmly held belief of “One Planet, One People”. However, this year for Global Learn Day we wanted our theme to encourage our followers and participants to embrace education as an investment in themselves, their futures and their families.

Over the next six months as we lead up to our event, experts will educate us on our health, art, safety, education, keeping children safe, exploring our communities on a budget and more. When we change our mindset about education from something we have to do to wanting to educate ourselves to enhance our life the world allows us endless possibilities.

We often hear that the best things in life aren’t free.

Conversely, we hear nothing worth having is free.

Everyday is an opportunity for education but to take that opportunity you have to invest. Invest your time and often your money – but most certainly you are making an investment. What type of investment are you willing to make this year? The dividends will be plentiful!

If you haven’t already – join the voyage!

4 thoughts on “Invest in Education

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  2. Right, Said Everyday is an opportunity for education but to take that opportunity we have to invest in new ideas which brings new opportunity and then Invest time and money will helpful for future sucess.

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