In my part of the world, school is winding down and summer vacation is about to begin. Parents have probably begun to wonder what to do. They look into summer camps, enrichment programs and try to figure out if a vacation is in the budget. Of course, we can all do the amusement park or Disney trip – and that type of event is fun for kids. However, some parents may need to stay closer to home or even consider the possibility of opening up educational opportunities while traveling.

This summer, Global Learn Day is focused on providing parents with ideas for low cost summer vacations that are fun and educational.

In this Summer on a Budget series, we will be sharing tips for how families of varying sizes can travel and learn on a budget. We will set a budget to cover:

  • lodging
  • travel/gas
  • eating out (we will include tips on saving but you have to eat at home too!)
  • educational opportunities

For our first trip – the budget will be $2,000 and the trip will last a week for a family of 5 with 2 dogs. Will we be able to make it work? Absolutely! Will it take some effort? Most Definitely.

But it will be worth it.

Join us next month as we take you to the Southwest United States and experience an adventure for a lifetime! Our next blog will include the logistics for planning so make sure you subscribe today!

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