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Spring Break Learning Opportunities of the East Coast

For most students living on the East coast, spring break is right around the corner. While most can’t wait to put their learning on the back-burner, there are those that can’t wait to take the reigns of their learning and take the opportunity set down before them and turn it into knowledge they can use. Here are a few stops one on a quest of knowledge can make to make the most of spring break.

There is no better place for those seeking knowledge than the Smithsonian family of museums. As a whole, the Smithsonian is composed of 19 different museums’ and a zoo, located in Washington DC (minus one museum located in New York, New York) that covers a multitude of different subjects and is must visit for those that have the means to do so. What’s more admission to all the DC area museums’ and the zoo is free and they are open everyday except Christmas and bad weather days. With the nickname of “the nation’s attic”, the Smithsonian museums is home to 154 million artifacts and specimens. The different museums’ that make up the Smithsonian are: The African American Museum, African Art Museum, Air and Space Museum, American Art Museum, American History Museum, American Indian Museum, Anacostia Community Museum, National History Museum, Postal Museum, and numerous art galleries.

Of all the museums’, arguably the two best known are the Air and Space Museum and the National History Museum. The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum maintains the world’s largest and most significant collection of aviation and space artifacts and is also the largest of the 19 museums. In addition to the thousands of artifacts on display, the museum also holds programs, educational activities, lectures, and performances. The museum also has multiple IMAX theaters and a planetarium. Even if aviation is not your field of interest, be sure not to miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience.

For those who are interested in learning more about history and the natural sciences, be sure to check out the National Museum of Natural History. The Natural History Museum has most of the Smithsonian’s collection of specimens and artifacts, standing at 145 million specimens. The Museums’ mission is to promote a understanding of the natural world and humans place in it. The collections tell a story of the planet and is a record of human interaction with the environment and with one another. Like the Air and Space Museum, the National History Museum also provides educational programs to accompany the exhibits.

The Smithsonian Zoo is the place to visit for those who love all things animals. The National Zoo is home to 2700 animals from more than 390 species spread out over 163 acres. The Zoo hopes to instill lifelong commitment to conservation to all of its visitors. At the zoo, you can see multiple species that are endangered while scientists conduct research in an attempt to save endangered wildlife and habitats.

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