Global Learn Day is truly “A Celebration of Mankind’s Learning”. We take very seriously Ben Franklin’s conviction that without “free universal education” the whole concept of democracy is at grave risk.

The prime purpose of Global Learn Day, begun in 1997,  is to provide bright spotlights and powerful megaphones for those doing extraordinary work to increase access to education, improve learning outcomes and fight ignorance, apathy and inequality.

We do this by attracting passionate individuals doing truly extraordinary work with exceptional outcomes. And by broadcasting what they say through whatever resources we have available. At one time, this was phone conference lines and chat rooms. This year, it is Facebook Live. We celebrate innovation and technology, especially that which brings us together as “One Planet, One People”.

We search these people out and find them all over — to include on  TED Talks; on National Public Radio; at the Commonwealth Club of California; innovative teachers of every stripe; authors, bloggers, leaders in radio, Social Networking; leaders from One Billion Rising; those featured by the great newspapers of the world; English language teachers from Prague to Perth, Alaska to Argentina; advocates and leaders in Community Radio. With a  heavy dose from those in the business of educating the planet and with special regard to those who are recommended to us by people like you, the reader and potential voyager.

We’ve been doing this since 1997. We especially encourage you to listen to voices from our earliest passages. These are the same drums we will beat on this Voyage — but louder, smoother, more pleasing; with improved spotlights, bigger megaphones, more tools to employ. We will employ Facebook Live throughout the day to bring you presentations and YouTube to share activities held around the world, all celebrating the Innovation of Education.

We look forward to you, our voyagers, joining in the conversation. It is from the variety of humanity that we are able to have the most illuminating conversations. The kind you would hear at the Captain’s Table on any great ocean liner on any crossing. Our one desire, is through the celebration of GLD, to bring hope to the planet and its’ people together and to inspire them to work together to maximize our learning and by so doing, improve the human condition.

Please: Take some time to listen or view these:

Maiden Voyage. Maiden Keynote

Maiden Opening Ceremonies

Maiden Visual Slide Show

A Special Presentation by Dr. Terry Redding

GLD – A Giving Machine

Nelson Mandela Speech