Global Learn Day 2017 (#GLD2017) was a success celebrated on 6 continents and in numerous countries. One’s education never ends and neither should our celebration of it! For that reason the planning of Global Learn Day 2018 is already underway! Watch our Facebook and our Twitter for constant updates.

On behalf of the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education, and on behalf of our Partners, Crew, Sponsors and Volunteers, welcome to the official website of Global Learn Day! Global Learn Day is an opportunity to celebrate learning, in every format, across the world. It is an opportunity for us to embrace each other as “One Planet, One People” and learn from what we each have to offer. Please Register today!

Our Voyage

Our Voyage begins ‘where the planet begins the New Day (in Tonga and New Zealand). It ends just east of the International Date Line way out in the Central Pacific. Exactly 24 hours later. With “stops” along all the time zones.


Originally, our voyage took place over the phone using chatrooms. All along the way, we held compelling conversations inside the “Admiral’s Dining Hall”. Conversations that were lively, interactive, fun, urgent, important. Held inside our Franklin Telephone Room…these were as easy to listen to or talk with as picking up an ordinary phone. The conversations were broadcast around the world by participating radio stations in real time and from the archives. And of course on the Net by streaming audio — provided by Dr. Terry Redding and his Team in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Our goal continues to be to embrace “One Planet, One People”. We do this by using the most widely available tools for our “Voyage”. Now, that looks like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We broadcast videos, live presentations and Power Point Presentations across a these mediums, in the hope of reaching as many people as possible. While our Clipper, The Franklin, is wholly imaginary, we’d like you to accept that this is not an ordinary ‘webinar’; nor an ordinary ‘event’.

It’s a passage across all five Oceans where those “aboard” are as interesting and informative as you would find as a First Class passenger on any major Ocean Liner.

The most frequently asked question is: “What time is it in my part of the world?” Luckily, with the innovations and technology that surround us, you can click here and easily determine that. Better yet, it will not matter if you have 24 hours or only one, the goal of this day is to make our content easily accessible to our passengers.

You can view last year’s event here.

Exactly what day do we launch? What day do we “arrive”?

  • If you live in the Americas, from Alaska to Chile, departure is in the mid-afternoon, Saturday October 6th
  • If you live in Asia, Africa or Europe, the Voyage begins on Sunday, October 7th.
  • The Opening Ceremonies will be in New Zealand, GMT 00:01 – which is one minute after 4 P.M, local time, in Auckland. (For the rest of the world, click here.)


If you would like to receive updates on presenters, or present yourself, we ask that you “Join the Voyage“. Think of it as ‘booking’ passage on the Clipper!



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