OLACS – Our New Community Partner

I’m a volunteer. There doesn’t seem to be much I won’t say yes for if it is a good cause and there is a need. That is how I found myself in late 2017 sitting on a board for a local sports league that my kids participated with. I had helped previously with registrations and the finance sides of the league and I knew that our biggest volunteer drain fell to whomever was running registrations and the administration.


We had found ways to save some time, but our 2017 registration periods had been sixty-hour weeks for myself and another volunteer and a ton of headache for planning. I kept thinking that there had to be a better way. There IS a better way.


I have been blessed to work with a company, OnLine Training, off and on for over a decade. OLT is the type of company interested in putting good into the world and finding solutions for organizations who have a similar mission. Their largest charitable endeavor has been to promote and support Global Learn Day for over twenty years. So, I spoke to OLT’s President and CEO and their Webmistress and asked about their proven registration systems. Could they tweak these forms and create a registration process to help community organizations and their volunteers?


The answer was, they definitely could and we should. Thus, OLACS was born.


OLACS stands for OnLine Applications for Community Sports. The purpose of this endeavor is to make registration and enrollment periods for Community Organizations easier. Through OLT’s guidance, registrations for my league only took 10 hours of volunteer hours last registration period. It was a HUGE improvement!


OLACS provides registration forms for community groups, collects payments (if applicable) and then distributes these payments back to organizations – less a reasonable fee. They provide coupon codes for our volunteers to bypass payment requirements and collect that data at no cost to us. While our organization uses this service for registering families for sports like soccer, flag football, basketball and track – I can see it being useful for small schools and other organizations who have a need to collect funds and information but don’t want the administrative headache of that collection. I click a button on their website and I have my data. Then, I receive a check in the mail with an accounting of registrations.


This process has made my volunteer hours less stressful and more manageable. It is affordable and can be tailored to my League.

We published this post to introduce OLACS as a new service that may help you, your organization or league. Check out their website to learn more!

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Global Learn Day October 6th and th 2018

Meet Our Sponsor: Online Training Institute

We have been taking time to meet our wonderful presenters for Global Learn Day 2018. However, today we will take a look at who makes this whole odyssey of education possible!

In 1997, the Internet was a brave new world that many still new little about. It showed potential for great promise but few could have predicted how it would change our every day life. The idea of online worlds and social media were still in their infancy. Online shopping a still developing platform.

There was one man, though, who saw the future and grabbed the opportunity to shape it. Dr. Terrance Redding envisioned the prospect of learning any time, any where in an effort to support lifelong learning and professional development. While others were trepidatious of the fast moving digital age, Dr. Redding saw it’s potential to change lives.

As Redding was setting up the first servers for his new venture, Online Training Institute, another captivating idea was setting sail. Global Learn Day launched its maiden voyage as Online Training Institute (OLT) was welcoming it’s first virtual student.

learn online with OLT


As Internet serendipity would have it, Redding came onboard the GLD clipper and followed along as it circumnavigated the world through virtual ports of call. By the end of the voyage, Redding was hosting his own port of call broadcast to the world.

In the beginning there was Global Learn Day 1997
Launch Team

Over the past 21 years, OLT has continued to grow and expand.

we have been a leader in online education for Insurance Pre-Licensing courses, Pre- Licensing Exam Prep courses, and Continuing Education courses.   We are dedicated to finding new ways to help students learn over the internet and pioneering virtual classroom teaching strategies that actually work for our students.   Our focus on excellence in these areas has led to us having some of the highest passrates in the Industry for our Insurance Pre-licensing courses.

Aside from growth, another constant has been their involvement and support of the Global Learn Day project. Twenty one years later, OLT is the underwriting sponsor of the worldwide event.

Dr. Redding has gone from enjoying the view on his virtual deckchair to manning the helm of the ship. We are very thankful for the support that OLT lends to Global Learn Day. Without their vision and desire to further the project, we would not be able to bring this event to you each year.

We look forward to casting off once again on our trusty clipper ship with all our friends aboard this October 6th-7th. Thank you OLT for continuing help education unite the world. Hope to have each of you along for the ride!


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