Ports of Call

Ports of Call – by Region

Like any good voyage there must be Ports of Call, stops where passengers can engage in new experiences and in our case… Learn new things. GLD 2019 is looking for guides to present at the following Ports of Call. If you are interested please contact us.

Our Global Learn Day 2018 Guides are…

Oceania & South Pacific – Anne Marie Snoddy, Cecilia Yueng

South East Asia- Being Kind Project

North East Asia

Central Asia & Russia

Middle East – Peace Full Soul


Europe – Your Passport to Grow, 360in360, Silence on Lit

Central and South America

Mexico, Canada and USA – OnLine Training Institute, OLT West, Faith Center for the Performing Arts, Health, Wellness and Chocolate, Mary’s Meals USA, Aurelius Cabrini, Backyard Adventures, Anita Morin, Creature Crazy

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