A wise man said, “It is wonderful to embrace our past, but GLD is about education and learning now and inspiring mankind to learn towards a bright future.” Global Learn Day was begun in 1997 with a focus on celebrating education on a global scale. We invited education innovators to share their experiences with everyone who participated, typically via phone. Over the years, GLD has taken many forms, but what is important is that we have continued to celebrate education.

It has been twenty years and the Internet has changed how we educate all over the world. This change means that how we deliver and celebrate has changed as well. Social Media agents such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube all modify how we communicate and exchange ideas. This Global Learn Day, we will be embracing the innovations available around our planet.

Please note that all times are based on the local time in Auckland, New Zealand – where we begin our voyage. You can click on the linked time to determine what time each event will be happening in your local time zone.

Event Schedule

4:01 am Welcome – Jacinta Woodnut
4:30:00 AM Dr. Terrence R. Redding  The Diffusion of Knowledge
5:30:00 AM Live @ Baby Cotton Bottoms – Colorado  Literature and Kids
6:15:00 AM Pradeep Bemmulla – Sri Lanka  FunMaths – Teaching Children Math
7:15:00 AM John Greene, Author  TED
8:00:00 AM Mary’s Meals  Feeding a Child’s Mind and Body

Mary’s Meals After Show Notes

9:00:00 AM Dr. Terrence R. Redding  A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
10:00:00 AM Sugata Mitra  TED
11:00:00 AM John Hunter  TED
12:00:00 PM Jennifer Elia  Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip After Show Notes

1:00:00 PM  Sakena Yacoobi  How I Stopped the Taliban From Shutting Down My School (TED)
2:00:00 PM Liam Finn McCool  Technology and Self Directed Learning – Backyard Adventures
3:00:00 PM Laura Schulz  TED
4:00:00 PM Mae Jemison Teach Arts and Science Together (TED)
5:00:00 PM Aomawa Shields How We’ll Find Life On Other Planets (TED)
6:00:00 PM Bill Nye We Are All One Race (GoalCast)
7:00:00 PM Ali Carr Chellman Gaming to Reengage Boys (TED)
8:00:00 PM  ARISS – South Florida Science Museum  Live Contact with the International Space Station
9:00:00 PM Nicholas Negroponte  30 Year History of the Future (TED)
10:00:00 PM  Arvind Gupta  Turn Trash into Toys with Science
11:00:00 PM  Music, Music, Music  TED
12:00:00 AM China Mystery Box
1:00:00 AM  Denzel Washington  Dream Big
2:00:00 AM Dr. Terrence R. Redding  The First Moment of Lasting Excitement
3:00:00 AM Divine Redeemer Catholic School – Colorado  ASL Storytime