Maiden Voyage – Dynamite Keynote

Text below
{Speaking Mohawk}
For those of you that don’t speak Mohawk, I’ll translate for you.

What I said was: ‘Hello everyone! Welcome!

My name is Claudine. I was quite thrilled when I read about Global Learn Day on the classroom Connect listserv. I would like to share with you what I said to the Learn Day Organizers.

“This is my email:
Hi, I’m finding this whole idea awesome!

“I am a Mohawk Indian from the 6th Nation Iroquois Reserve in Southern Ontario, Canada. I’ve been teaching for approximately 20 years and have now returned to school to complete a doctorate in Education. I have been a computer user for more than 10 years and have taken the greater part of my Masters Degree via Telnet, Data-Pack and the Internet.

I am doing my thesis on Aboriginal Native Canadian Teacher Training and how the Internet can be used for this purpose. I have a strong interest in finding ways for Aboriginal people throughout the world to stay in their own communities protecting their traditional languages and cultures — and, at the same time, gain worldwide knowledge via the Internet.

I would like to share my thoughts with you on this Very Special Day.

“and (the email) was signed by me,

Claudine Van Every-Albert

Mohawk Nation, Turtle Clan, Ontario, Canada.

And now here is another lesson for you in Mohawk.{Speaking Mohawk}

What I said was:

Thank you very much and I’ll see you again.

Speech Given from Ohsweken, Ontario

Ohsweken, Ontario