You are NEVER too Old to Learn

What makes a person a life long learner? Dr. Terrence R. Redding shared his theory that it is the “First Moment of Lasting Excitement” during Global Learn Day in 1997. Whether it was that, or something else, Walter Seton Bunker has it. It may have taken him 70 years to complete his college education, but he did it.

How many of us have started and stopped our educations, not because of a last of desire, but because life interfered. This is part of what Global Learn Day celebrates, the reality that no matter how old we are or WHERE we are, we can still learn. War, sickness and life did not stop Walter and at the age 90 he graduated cum laude. He is an inspiration to all those who have a thirst for knowledge.

The question I have for you… What are you going to learn about next?


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