Why Does GLD Start in New Zealand?

Auckland, New Zealand

If you are new to Global Learn Day, you may think that beginning our voyage in this location is arbitrary. It is, however, far from that. The International Date Line decides where we begin our day and that place is New Zealand. Auckland is a major city in New Zealand and therefore a logical choice. We use the International Date Line because that is when we, mankind, says that days begin and end. The day begins in New Zealand as the furthest east point of the International Date Line.

The sun is constantly rising in some part of the world. As I type this with night haven fallen and the darkness surrounding my home, there are many people just waking up for their day tomorrow. We need one date, that we all follow, or at least our society has decided that we do. I went looking for a better explanation of the International Date Line and found an excellent one here.

Basically, just like in learning, we have to start somewhere. Why not Auckland?


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