Learning Resources

Global Learn Day is invested in celebrating mankind’s learning year round. We invite you to use this page as a resource when you want to learn about something new. Through education, we can truly embrace the concept of “One Planet, One People“.

Just because you do not have the funds for purchasing courses, does not mean your education must end. Consider using these resources to expand your horizons and open up your mind to amazing new things such as language, the ability to code or how to use Social Media! Remember – you are never too old to learn something new.

Learn a second language:



Carnegie Mellon French 1

College courses:

MIT Opencourseware

Carengie Mellon OpenLearning

University of California at Berkley

Stanford University

Tufts University 

Academic Earth

Harvard Extension

Open Yale Courses 

University of London podcasts

University of Oxford podcasts

Career/skill learning:

OnLine Training Institute