Learning Resources

Global Learn Day is invested in celebrating mankind’s learning year round. We invite you to use this page as a resource when you want to learn about something new. Through education, we can truly embrace the concept of “One Planet, One People“.

Learn a second language:
Duolingo https://www.duolingo.com/
2LinguaKids app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/2lingua-french/id595860152
Carnegie Mellon French 1 https://oli.cmu.edu/jcourse/webui/guest/join.do?section=french

College courses:
MIT Opencourseware https://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm
Carengie Mellon OpenLearning http://oli.cmu.edu/
Univ of California at berkley http://webcast.berkeley.edu/
Stamford Univ http://itunes.stanford.edu/
Tufts Univ http://ocw.tufts.edu/

Career/skill learning https://alison.com/