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Who are we?  “We” are hundreds and hundreds from all around the globe who are pleased and proud to call ourselves “GLDers”….short for Global Learn Day Voyagers who have made it possible to hold, annually, a dozen-round-the-world “Voyages” once each year since 1997.

Technically, we’ve linked all of it together by “everything but two tin cans tied to a string” — everything from voices relayed by ham radio from the South Pole to voices from Russians in outer space. We’ve had educators talk to us from snow tops of the Himalayas, on the sands of specs in the Pacific  so small Google hasn’t mapped them. We’ve featured fearlessly passionate souls working in villages in East Africa where very few had talked on the phone. Our most compelling Keynote Speaker was Mohawk Tribal Leader from the outback of the Ontario Province in Canada.

We did the bulk of this long before the first person ever made a visit to Facebook, had shared a conversation over  Skype, made Twitter Tweet. We even did this a few years before Google became a household name.

What is deepest inside the heart, fiber and soul of a GLDer is that the greatest threat to a safer, saner healthier world is the horrific combination of Ignorance and Apathy. That Dr. James Moore has it exactly right the ‘last best chance’ to reduce ignorance, violence and human misery is by what Dr. Moore calls The Second Superpower.

We are stubborn in continuing to use the greatest interactive communication tool ever invented — the telephone – whether Smart Phone or Plain Old Telephone. We are equally proud to have “ordinary” — (who are not ordinary at all!) — Community radio broadcasters carry our Voices (in real time and by our archives). We like to remind listeners that in countries from Mexico to Australia the use of radio in the classroom was, for a very long time, the only way for very good instructors to reach very remote students (and/or very poor ones).

The list of Luminaries is a longer than the coast line of South America. Our shortcomings in retaining all their names and all their appearances, much less all the audio, is longer than the entire coast line from Alaska to Chile. The only excuse we have is that our wallet is as thin as an American dime; that we spend 99.9% of our human resources gathering exceptional people doing extraordinary work to increase access to education and reducing ignorance —  in a gazillion different ways.

There would be no more Voyages without the brains, heart and soul of Dr. Terry Redding and his Crew at On Line Learning. in West Palm Beach Florida.

Your Imaginary Skipper, John Hibbs, an Oregon Duck

More? Feel free to call John Hibbs in Eugene, Oregon, home of the University of Oregon. Phone +1 541 343 9389 . or write him at skipper AT bfranklin DOT edu.


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