Author – Simon Winchester

The best book I’ve read in the last six month — or six years? – is easily Atlantic, by Simon Winchester.

Simon’s also a great story teller, a very nice man who reminds me of the quip made by JFK at a White House Gala where every living American Nobel Prize winner was being hosed by the President.  Kennedy’s quip went like this:  “This is the brightest set of luminaries ever to dine together at one time in the White House…with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.Continue reading “Author – Simon Winchester”

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Authors – The New Digital Age

The (just released) book “The New Digital Age” is worth every dime!

One of the authors is Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google. (As high as you can get on my Wish List!)

Schmidt partnered up with Jared Cohen, a foreign policy counterterrorist specialist poached from the State Department now working for Google …. Director of Google Ideas & Adjunct  and Senior Fellow at CFR

Obviously, it will take some pretty tasty bait to get these guys on board. Wish me luck.

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MOOC Publisher Robert McGuire

Robert McGuire Publisher and Editor at MOOC New and Reviews Location Greater New York City Area Industry Writing and Editing Current 1. MOOC New and Reviews, 2. Self-employed Previous 1. United Way, 2. misc publications in Connecticut and Milwaukee, 3. SCSU; Fairfield U; Marquette U; Carroll College Education 1. State University of New York at Binghamton Continue reading “MOOC Publisher Robert McGuire”

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Sail Away With Enya

If Ben Franklin is our (self appointed) “Patron Saint of Free Universal Education“, why can’t we enlist Enya to add imagination, wonder, and extraordinary musical talent to the Voyage?

Which is exactly what we have done. For many, many years. Introduced to us  by the  late, great Kansas State University music instructor, Vaudene Fields. (oh how we miss her!)

With an eternity of thanks to Vaudene, and all that she brought to our Clipper, here is Enya.

Purpose of Global Learn Day

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